Should You List Your Home In Southington With A Friend Or Family Member?

Listing Your Home With A Friend Or Family Member

should you list your home with friends and family

As a professional real estate brokerage in Southington, we’re often asked – “should I list my home with a friend or family member”? While the obvious answer to this is yes, we have some precautions when it comes to this.

The true answer is, are they a professional and reliable real estate agent? Although they are your family member, it is crucially important to work with expertise. The sale of your home is not just some breeze in the water, there are complications and hurdles you must overcome when selling your home.

In Southington, CT – you want to make sure you get the maximum listing price for your home. This can only be done by a trusted real estate agent. Make sure to validate your friends and family before selling your home.

Treat Your Home Listing As A Professional

Although they are a friend or a family member, it is important to treat your home listing as a professional. Often times, friends and family won’t take you seriously because they feel they have already locked it down. Avoid this, and hold your posture as a professional alongside with your real estate agent.

Scope Out Thier Marketing Plan For Your Home 

Your next step is to figure out exactly what it is their marketing plan intentions are. You need to ensure that they understand how to effectively market your home in a way that suits everyone. Make sure that they use cutting edge marketing strategies for your homes such as Facebook, Instagram, Zillow and much more.

Ask For Past References That They’ve Worked With 


In Conclusion 

You can hire a family member or friend for sure, but ensure you take the necessary steps in doing so. Make sure you ask them for references, ask them about their marketing plan, and of course – make sure you can trust their opinions and thoughts. As always, you can contact Tier 1 Real Estate to help you with the sale of your home in Southington, CT. We follow an easy 10-step process when it comes to selling your home in Southington.


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