What You Should Know Before Buying A Condo

Before You Buy A Condo, Read This

Buying a condo bristol ct real estate

There are a million condos for sale in Bristol Connecticut, but before you go out and buy any of them you should know a few things before doing so. Condos, unlike many homes, are a community. A community where everyone living in the community contributes a lot differently than if you purchased a private home.

Condos many times are seen as investment properties. They have many pros and cons. One of the pros is that it is significantly less expensive than purchasing a home. But, with all the pros you should also know a few important things about owning a condo.

Today, we will be exploring a few different things you should know before buying a Condo

Look For The HOA Fee (Monthly Condo Fee)

The first thing you should be looking out for is the monthly condo fee. Like we said before the communities within condos are different than if you purchased a home. You have to pay what is called an “HOA” fee. This fee covers things like repairs, trash, snow plowing, and much other common maintenance

It’s also important to note exactly what it covers. A good HOA will cover your water, sewer, roofing, and insurance on the structure of your property. Be sure to check the extents of these guarantees.

Many HOA’s cover little things like trash removal but always be sure to check exactly with what’s in your HOA so you can get the best deal.

Who Is Your Condo’s Association

In Bristol Connecticut, it is important to understand the association behind your property. Is there a project manager in place? is there a budget for ongoing renovation? Are there meetings to help you express your thoughts and concerns on the topic?

Do they have plans for any major capital improvements in the near future? Many Condo’s set aside a budget for improvements like your roofing, siding, parking lots, and many other important homeowner safety measures.

Choose a Condo complex with a concrete budget and plan for how they’re going to make you more comfortable.

Speak With A Professional Bristol CT Realtor

Before you consult anyone when either buying or selling a condo in Bristol Connecticut, contact us. Not only we help you make the right decision, but we will also act as your personal Bristol CT real estate agent 

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