By Rachelle Calzada/ Published October 12, 2017/


    When considering selling your home in Bristol, CT, the first question you may ask yourself is, “Do I sell my home myself or work with a real estate agent?” With today’s advanced technology, such as smartphone apps, selling a home yourself has become increasingly easier to do. However, the stress of selling a home yourself can still feel like an overwhelming task if you don’t have the experience or the time.


FSBO (For Sale by Owner)

    Now, more than ever, people are starting to sell their homes on their own. With easy-to-use apps like Trulia and Zillow, people can post their home with pictures and their preferred listing price.  Although it seems easy enough, there is a lot more to it than just the pictures and the price.

    One of the main reasons individuals choose to sell their home without an agent is the 6% or more commission fee. The commission fee is what the real estate agent will receive once your house is sold.  If you are successful with selling the house yourself, you don’t have to pay anyone and you’ll get to keep the full profit.  

    The next reason why you may choose to sell your own home is to be in complete control of the situation.  You will be in control of the asking price, showings, and negotiation.

    However, there are also negatives to having to do all of the tedious work yourself.  This includes knowing the right listing price of your home, marketing, advertising, inspection, showings, and paperwork.  Many people do not have the time to do all these things in order to sell their home.  Using apps like Trulia, Zillow, and Facebook will not always be enough for advertisement.

Working With a Real Estate Agent

    Real estate agents know how to market a home to maximize value when showing it to potential buyers. Having a real estate agent will eliminate the hassle of making fliers or advertisements since they have already established connections for listing homes on multiple sites, including the MLS (multiple listing service).

    Real Estate agents will set up showings of the house and also set up the inspection. They negotiate offers and do the paperwork that is necessary to make selling your home as stress free as possible.

    Working with a professional real estate agent from Tier 1 Real Estate will reduce a lot of stress and make selling your home as seamless as it should be. You’ll be happy to work with those who know the market tendencies in Bristol.

    When considering both options, it is best to weigh the positives and negatives in both situations. Think to yourself, “Is saving the commission fee worth my time and effort of finding a home buyer or will it be worthwhile to hire a professional?”

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