Connecticut’s 10 Day Rent Grace Period

The 10th Is An Important Day For Connecticut Real Estate

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The tenth of the month is an important day for anyone working with commercial real estate in Connecticut. When people are paying for commercial real estate property or even residential property in Bristol Connecticut, you must understand that you as the tenant have until the tenth before the landlord can pursue you legally.

What You Should Know As A Connecticut Tenant

If you’re renting any properties in Connecticut, it is important to note that:

  • The landlord legally cannot pursue you until after the tenth of every month
  • Your payment to your landlord must be paid before the tenth of every month
  • Your landlord can legally pursue you for not having payment in by the tenth of the month

In many cases, your landlord may work on a case-by-case basis. Your landlord may give you a few options.

If You’re Going To Be Late, Here Is What We Recommend

If you know your payment is going to be late, here is what we recommend:

Make sure you’re in contact with your landlord – communication is key. Talk to your landlord, and make sure they understand your situation. Many times, Connecticut residents who are renting commercial property in Bristol Connecticut don’t communicate effectively. When you do this, your Bristol CT real estate agent will not know how to handle your situation. Stay in contact with them so they can understand your specific situation.

Ask For A Longer Grace Period – While the state permits you till the tenth, ask your landlord if they can extend you for a week or two. Many times, the landlord will work something out with you where you can take a week or two to get this done.

What If You Ignore Your Landlord

Still struggling to make your payment and are now ignoring your landlord? While it’s not a good idea, here is the scope of what can happen when you do this.

A Notice To Quit –  A notice to quit is the first step in the eviction process. A realtor may come down to this step when you have clearly indicated to ignore the property owner. A notice to quit gives the tenant 14 days to evict the building and terminate any leasing agreements.

Have More Questions About Connecticut Real Estate Laws?

If you or anyone else have more questions regarding real estate, commercial real estate, or any other legal questions regarding properties in Connecticut, reach out to us.

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